Hi all,

My website is based on Tumbler Pigeons. Tumbler pigeons can be found most in Bangalore than other places in India and also the vast Tumbler fanciers are from Bangalore.

 As there were no websites or any discussions on the Tumbler pigeons I intended to create this website. Most of the websites on internet are based on "Homing pigeons". Homing pigeons are very unique birds with exceptional homing instinct of finding there way back home from long distances.

 Tumbler pigeons are known for its tumbling capabilities. These pigeons can do summersaults in mid air performing aerobatics. Tumbler pigeons have very less homing ability compared to Homing pigeons. This breed of pigeons is in India over thousands of years. These birds come in different colors mainly blue, brown, and white and many more. These birds fly very unique like butterfly/ladder climbing techniques to gain altitude doing aerobatic summersaults. These birds have been reported to fly more than 8 to 10 hours if trained properly.

 In Bangalore these birds mainly trained for competitions as these birds are capable for flying several hours and with aerobatic performances. Most fanciers maintain there own blood lines. Fanciers would normally not sell there birds instead they give way additional birds to people who are most interested to this hobby.

As this fancy has a lot of unknown secrets like an ocean. I would request all the fanciers to check these breeds and Let us know if there is any information to be added. As this would help the novice fanciers.